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Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG), tax law and delivery address

What is

The ProstSchG requires an address for each prostitute within the meaning of the right to report, and, in the alternative, an address for delivery. The delivery address is independent of the right to report and a special regulation in the ProstSchG. At the delivery address, it must be ensured that incoming mail reaches the prostitute.

With, we offer delivery addresses for prostitutes and ensure that they receive the mail uncomplicated and secure.

Whether a notification address is required in accordance with the Federal Reporting Act (BMG) in addition to the delivery address depends on the individual case. In accordance with Section 27 para. 2 Sentence 3 BMG there is the so-called “visitor privilege”. If a person resides abroad, he or she can stay in Germany for up to three months without registration.

When registering his activity, the prostitute may, in accordance with the applicable legal situation, choose whether to provide the authority with his registration address, if any, or a delivery address. This decision is binding on the Authority.

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Why attaching a letterbox to the plant can be dangerous

Among other things, tax authorities can use this as an indication that the ladies are employed by you. You know what this can mean for you not only in tax terms?

You may be held responsible for the incoming mail! In this case, you would have to make sure that the post office reaches the ladies. It becomes difficult when they now work in other companies.

It can be assumed that the authorities responsible for implementing the new law will not dwell on undeliverable letters for too long, but will impose appropriate fines relatively quickly or initiate further painful procedures.

Unless you enter into corresponding contracts with the ladies, it is not excluded that you will be held liable!

That’s why

Our service is thoroughly tested and efficient. The ladies can get their mail digitally on their mobile phone on the same day.

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Ingenious payment option:
The ladies can pay in many shopping markets in their area (e.g. dm, Rewe,..). This does not require a German bank account.

Ladies currently present in the House were in the office in a timely manner regarding your registration? Do you know this pitfall?

Ask the ladies what postal address they provided when registering with the authority. Coincidentally, the address of your establishment and you don’t know about it?

In this case, we strongly advise you to contact the authority directly and have this corrected as soon as possible!

With be on the safe side – starting at 7.- € gross per month.

Our request to you

Inform the ladies about Point them up to our youtube videos. We are also happy to send you printed flyers. To do this, please send an e-mail to with your address and desired number.

We hope that our service will help you and the prostitutes to facilitate the “paper war” that has been taking place with the ProstSchG since 01.01.2018. If you have any questions, please call 01575 -70 80 30 5.