Postal address
for prostitutes

Reachable at any time by post, no matter where you are.

No mail to your home.

From 7.- € per month *

Postal address 
for prostitutes​

Reachable at any time by post,
no matter where you are.

No mail to your home.

From 7.- € per month *

Order postal address


24 months

7.- €

per month incl. VAT*

DeliveryAddress with 24 months duration – perfectly suited to the duration of your registration certificate (“Hurenpass”)

Total amount 168.- € incl. Vat
Payable total in advance


12 months

8.25 €

per month incl. VAT*

Total amount 99.- € incl. Vat
Payable total in advance

Our offer applies to prostitutes

Anmeldebescheinigung ProstSchG

Always with you


Use of the delivery address for your registration

Use your delivery address to register with the authority as a sex worker and to receive your papers (“Hurenpass”).

SMS and e-mail notification for new mail

When Mail arrives for you, you will be notified by email and SMS. You can conveniently access your documents digitally in the cloud. This works with mobile phone, tablet or PC.


Archiving your original documents

We archive your personal mail securely. You can request the original letters at any time for a small fee.

Up to 100 letters per year included

Within a year, we digitize up to 100 letters and make them available to you in the cloud.

Why a postal address

Explanatory video Delivery Address for SexWorker, ProstSchG

(Info: External link to YouTube)

That’s why

Independent of third parties

Independent of third parties

You don’t want to be dependent on anyone and find out in a timely manner that mail has arrived for you? Trust in our professional services, like many with you!

The delivery address is available at short notice and quickly

Available in the short term

Your appointment at the office is due afterwards and you urgently need an extra order? No problem! Book online, pay and receive your delivery address by e-mail for presentation upon registration according to ProstSchG.

Don't miss deadlines

Don’t miss deadlines

We will notify you of new mail by e-mail and SMS. You can conveniently access the content online and be informed so quickly. This allows you to react within predetermined deadlines, e.g. from the tax office.

Ordering at ZustellAnschrift is quick and easy.

Easy ordering

We only need a few data from you. You don’t have to upload or print documents. Payment is made anonymously in the supermarket, drugstore, etc. There you can choose between cash or payment by card.

No subscription to

No subscription

Your contract with us ends automatically after the agreed term of 12 or 24 months. You don’t need to cancel.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help you. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Voices on ZustellAnschrift

ZustellAnschrift very good for me! If I’m home I don’t miss a post. Info by mail/SMS. I am good!

Branca, Berlin

Competent Sevice, excellent accessibility and quick assistance in case of ambiguities and questions on the subject. In addition, a prominent standing with notification authorities. There is an invoice with vat (operating expense for sex workers) and postal access is guaranteed at all times.

Operator, Saxony

I am fully satisfied with the offer. I receive my mail reliably and the price is fully ok!

Vicky, Pforzheim

When I wanted to register with the office, they said that a delivery address is not possible and that they want my whereabouts. Then I phoned and they immediately took care of it and I was able to use the delivery address.

Raisa, Dusseldorf

My colleague had problems with a guest – the police were called… I was questioned as a witness. I didn’t think anything of it until three months later a summons came to testify in court. Thank God I had already given the address of at the police first contact (IMPORTANT !), otherwise the cargo to my home would have gone – to Romania. Thank you – now I appreciate you even more.

Lara, Frankfurt

Much less trouble with the authorities since I recommended to my tenants. I am not bothered with postal deliveries and I am not held accountable.

Operator, NRW

ZustellAnschrift for sexworkers

Reachable by post at any time, no matter where you are.

With our specially created product for prostitutes, we offer you the perfect service to meet the requirements of the Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG).

Your post will be sent to your personal delivery address in our company and digitized by us. The post is archived and you receive the documents digitally. If you receive mail at your delivery address, we will inform you by email and SMS. We take care of your mail reliably and trustingly.

What is

The ProstSchG requires an address for every prostitute within the meaning of the right to report, or alternatively an address for delivery. The delivery address is independent of the right to report and a special regulation in the ProstSchG. With the delivery address, it must be ensured that incoming mail reaches the prostitute.

With we offer delivery addresses for prostitutes and ensure that they receive mail in an uncomplicated, reliable and secure manner.

Whether a registration address is necessary in addition to the delivery address according to the Federal Registration Act (BMG) depends on the individual case. According to Section 27, Paragraph 2, Clause 3 of the Federal Ministry of Health, there is a so-called “visitor privilege”. If a person lives abroad, they can stay in Germany for up to three months without registering.

When registering their activity, the prostitute is free to choose, according to the applicable legal situation, whether she gives the authority her registered address – if available – or an address for delivery; this decision is binding on the authority.