Operator Conference Red Light 2021
2. September 2021
CANCELLED – The “Operator Conference Red Light 2021” will take place on Saturday, 02.10.2021. The format of the organiser “Interessengemeinschaft Zukunft Rotlicht” is planned as an online event. It will be broadcast from two studios, where some of the speakers will also be present.
Online Konferenz



Topics of the conference include

  • Current prostitution policy
  • Tax and regulatory law in prostitution
  • The demand for “clean sex work”
  • The hypothetical reform of the Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG)
  • Corona bridging aid for the sectors
  • Exchange of information with friendly sex work associations

In addition to well-known representatives of the industry, experts from the public administration, financial directorates and audit offices will also participate in the event.

Further information on the Red Light 2021 Operator Conference can be found on the organiser’s website.

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